Terms and Conditions


    • Our transaction is complete when you receive your copy of the PDF

    • When you need to update your ExecutorNotes it is a new transaction that is completed on delivery of your new ExecutorNotes Form.

    • Your previous responses will auto populate if you use the same email. If you change your email you will have to re-create your responses under the new email address.

    • However, all of your previous responses are still available on the PDF we sent to you and your trusted contacts when you initially purchased ExecutorNotes


    • We provide the highest level of data security using the Zoho encrypted storage and transportation system.

    • Within The Prodigm organization which developed ExectorNotes, we ensure that none of our CSR’s or managers are able to view or amend your data. There is a timeline audit trail of any amendments made to any ExecutorNotes records.

     Customer Sales Representative help 

    • The only procedure that the CSR can do is to send the latest version of ExecutorNotes to you again.

    • Our staff cannot provide any legal advice to you or guide you in your choices.

    • ExecutorNotes provides you with a clear communication with your Executor and others who may or may not agree with your choices.

    • ExecutorNotes guidance to your executor is not enforceable under law unless they are legally incorporated in your Will. Please consult your Lawyer about any concerns that completing ExecutorNotes may prompt.


    • ExecutorNotes may not contain every question for every detail that your Executor may require, however, as they will receive the information before your death, they will be able to check with you to ensure they understand your wishes.

    • Additionally you can provide extensive additional information, voice recordings or videos as attachments (Max 10 MB per attachment)

    • For example, you may want to specify what style and price range of coffin or urn you have chosen, the colour of the flowers, the location of the facility or a spreadsheet of the names, emails and phone numbers of funeral invitees and key contacts. Attachments are there to augment the standard questions of ExecutorNotes.


    • Neither Prodigm Inc or ExecutorNotes is liable for any loss of entered data before the customer has hit Final Save, or afterwards when the document is in its final PDF form. The populated answers will remain encrypted in the Zoho server, but it is the customers responsibility to keep their digital PDF version in their email, saved as a file on their computer, and/or printed and physically stored in a safe place and to ensure that the designated recipients have received and understood the requirements that the customer has specified.

    • By accepting these terms and conditions the customer acknowledges that ExecutorNotes does not have an 'automatic save' function, the customer must use the Save draft option in the top right corner of the form page or the Final Save on the last page of the form, before exiting the page, in order to keep their data inputs.

    • ExecutorNotes is not a replacement for the customer's legal will. It is a detailed account of funeral and estate specifics for personal use to support the customer's executor and close contacts.

    • These details can be referenced from your will as an addendum if the ExecutorNotes document is signed by you and two other witnesses that are not beneficiaries of the Will


    • The service offered on our ExecutorNotes website is priced in CAD or Canadian dollars and is intended for Canadian residents.

    • If after a 'Final Save' of ExecutorNotes, you wish to edit a response, change your trusted contacts, or amend your wishes, you may do so by using our 'update' code and discounted price which is listed on our website.

    • There are no refunds for your purchase of ExecutorNotes. If you are not satisfied with ExecutorNotes please contact customer service support@executornotes.com

     Limitation of liability  Under no circumstance will Prodigm be liable for any perceived or real loss by the Customer as a result of using the ExecutorNotes product. The content of ExecutorNotes is provided by you and distributed to the email addresses that you provide. ExecutorNotes is a guide to important issues after your death, but it may not contain prompts for all questions that you can think to ask. We are happy to receive your suggestions for our considerations for addional topics. Theses may be included in future releases of ExecutorNotes.



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