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Will your family and executor know how to sort out your estate details?

What is ExecutorNotes?

ExecutorNotes is a prompted online form for you to:    

  •  Securely record your wishes related to the details of your funeral arrangements and send them to your executor and members of your family (it stops a lot of squabbling!)
  •  Provide key details of other required financial activities and other estate  details to your executor and family that otherwise means costly research and delving.
  •  Prevent huge headaches and large costs for your family and executor, by making it easy to  settle your estate and perform the required government reporting


ExecutorNotes Sample Page

Start now. Finish later.

Complete ExecutorNotes at your own pace. 

Start it now and save the draft as you go. 

Come back to the form weeks or months later and carry on.

We will send friendly reminders for the first year to encourage you to get your details completed.

For a one time cost of $29.95 CAD,  you will receive the following services:

  • A personalized email containing the link to your online ExecutorNotes form.
  • A list of 50+ questions that will assist your executor after your death. 
  • You don't have to fill in irrelevant sections. 
  • The sections are suggestions and reminders about what your executor and family will need. 
  • You get a copy of the completed form to distribute as you wish and we will distribute it automatically to your designated contacts and Executor immediately.
Get Started On Your ExecutorNotes

Sample Scenarios

"I think Granny has written it down somewhere"

Second Thoughts: 

"Maybe I should get this stuff organized now for Granny, I have no idea what she wants or the preparations she has already made."

"I don't want to think about it"

Second Thoughts: 

"Actually as a skydiver, this is something I should get organized now just in case."

 "I'm too young to worry about it"

Second Thoughts: 

"I just read that younger people are being really badly affected by the pandemic! hmmm."

 "I will when I get time"

Second Thoughts: 

"I can't keep procrastinating. Maybe Mom and Dad would like to sort this out too, as I am their executor. I will share the link for this site with them."

"So, how's your mom doing now?"                                                            

"She's doing a lot better thanks, but it was a scare. I had this sudden realization that if she did pass away, I wouldn't know where to begin concerning her wishes. 

​It was like a test of how well I knew my mom. Her favourite music, who to deliver her eulogy, where she wanted to be buried. I never found the right time to ask her that stuff. It added so much stress to a really stressful situation.                                                                                                     

Once she recovered, we went over ExecutorNotes together and answered all of those questions that overwhelmed me at the time. 

​Now, I'm way more prepared. I have the PDF safely stored, and printed out and in my email. 

It's a big weight off my mind for when the time comes."
Get Started On Your ExecutorNotes