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What is ExecutorNotes?

ExecutorNotes provides a facility for individuals to record their wishes related to the details of their funeral arrangements and communicate key details of other required ongoing transactions and financial activities to their executor and family. 

"I think Granny has written it down somewhere"

Second Thoughts: 

"Maybe I should get this stuff organized now for Granny, I have no idea what she wants or the preparations she has already made."

"I don't want to think about it"

Second Thoughts: 

"Actually as a skydiver, this is something I should get organized now just in case."

 "I'm too young to worry about it"

Second Thoughts: 

"I just read that younger people are being really badly affected by the pandemic! hmmm."

 "I will when I get time"

Second Thoughts: 

"I can't keep procrastinating. Maybe Mom and Dad would like to sort this out too, as I am their executor. I will share the link for this site with them."

What will you receive immediately after you purchase your private and secure copy of ExecutorNotes?

For a one time charge of  $14.99 CAD,  you will, within two hours, receive the following services:

  • A link to your personal online survey by email, containing important questions that you can answer at your leisure. 
  • There are no required questions except your name and email address that are pre-filled for you. If a question is not relevant to you, please skip it. 

Sample Questions from ExecutorNotes 

  1. Who employs you now or used to employ you? 
  2. Who should write and deliver your eulogy?
  3. Please specify any preferred music and / or performers you would like played or performed during your funeral service.
  4. What do you want to be paid for out of your estate?
  5. What is the name and location of your plot or your final resting place?
  6. Have you prepaid for your funeral arrangements?
  7. Would you prefer a burial or cremation?   

"So, how's your mom doing now?"                                                                                                                                                                                                

"She's doing a lot better thanks, but it was a scare. I had this sudden realization that if she did pass away, I wouldn't know where to begin concerning her wishes. 

It was like a test of how well I knew my mom. Her favourite music, who to deliver her eulogy, where she wanted to be buried. I never found the right time to ask her that stuff. It added so much stress to a really stressful situation.                                                                                                     

Once she recovered, we went over ExecutorNotes together and answered all of those questions that overwhelmed me at the time. 

Now, I'm way more prepared. I have the PDF safely stored, and printed out and in my email. 

It's a big weight off my mind for when the time comes."

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