Frequently Asked Questions

How is my information protected?

As soon as you "Final Save" your ExecutorNotes, the information and attachments are stored in a secure server which is in "the Cloud." A PDF is created and sent to you and your designated trusted contacts. 

Your data is not available or viewable by anyone in the ExecutorNotes/Prodigm organization. Our customer service representatives can only re-send your most recent version of ExecutorNotes to your email address. They cannot see any ExecutorNotes details, only your name and the email that you used when you purchased ExecutorNotes, plus notes about your previous service requests. 

Our customer service representatives cannot download any of your details or responses.

All of your data is stored securely in the Zoho Cloud. It is encrypted at rest and in any transfer process. It is multiply backed up and of course you also have your PDF copy and the originals of any attachments on your computer or phone.

We send you a copy of your latest ExecutorNotes PDF every six months to your registered email address, just in case you forget that you have the information, and to see if you need to update any of the information as time passes.

 You can find out more about the Zoho Cloud security in this link: https://www.zoho.com/trust.html

What happens if I Final Save my document but forget to put in an important piece of information?

Please do not click on Final Save without checking that your responses are complete. As soon as you click Final Save, the responses are made into a PDF and emailed to your designated contacts, and also to you. To update the document and re-save and re-distribute the PDF to your designated contacts, you will purchase an amendment process, which will be 30% off purchase price. The discount code and a link to the payment page is included in your Confirmation of Distribution email.

Can I complete a hand-written version of ExecutorNotes instead of the online version?

The only required fields on the form in order to be able to save it and create a PDF, are your name and email address. The short answer is “yes”, but we recommend that you don’t do it as you lose many of the security, convenience and flexibility advantages of the ExecutorNotes Process.

  1. You would have to distribute it yourself by mail or email.

  2. You would need to write on the paper copy of the PDF or use software that allows you to type onto a PDF form.

  3. You would not be able to update the form online for future changes.

  4. If you lose your PDF it will not be easily replaced.

  5. There would be no attachments that can be downloaded.

  6. The comments boxes may not be large enough for your requirements, on the online form they are 5,000 characters.

How many times can I save my ExecutorNotes as a draft?

As many times as you need; however, we will remind you after a week, then every month, that it has not been completed.

How does this ExecutorNotes form work? Do I complete the form on the website?

You will receive a personalized link to the online form in your email. Through this link you can fill out the ExecutorNotes form.

When will I receive the ExecutorNotes link so I can begin?

Within 2 hours of your purchase confirmation.

How long can I leave my ExecutorNotes incomplete?

As long as you need. We suggest that you complete it within a month so that you can remember what you have already done. Until you Final Save the document, you will not be sent the PDF, and the PDF will not be distributed to your designated contacts.

Can my executor, or another person, fill out this form in my name?

If you are incapable of completing the form yourself, you can dictate your wishes to a trusted helper to submit. You should specify your own email to be used to ensure that your wishes are your actual requirements.

When you send a copy of the ExecutorNotes in PDF form, do you include the attached documents with it?

The documents that you attach will be available in a download link in the PDF.

How long do you hold onto my saved responses after completion of ExecutorNotes?

Your responses will be saved in our system indefinitely, attached to your contact record, after your completion and Final Save of ExecutorNotes.

Can I email you anytime to request that you send me another copy of my ExecutorNotes PDF?

Yes, you can email us at anytime to request that we send you another copy of your most recent ExecutorNotes PDF.



If I purchase a new version of ExecutorNotes in order to amend my responses, will you replace my old responses with my amended responses in your system?

Yes, we will also keep your previous response PDF.

Is ExecutorNotes a Legally binding document?

It is not legally binding in the way that your Will is; however, if there are some aspects of ExecutorNotes that you want to include in your Will, we suggest that you add those elements to your Will. ExecutorNotes is primarily to communicate information to your Executor and make it easier to sort out your affairs. It is complementary to your Will and deals with practicalities that your Will does not.

What is Zoho?

Zoho is an online business system for storing information and for providing Cloud-based systems capabilities. It currently has over 60 million users world-wide. It is a privately held company.

What is Prodigm?

Prodigm Inc is an Incorporated company licensed in Ontario, Canada in 1992. Prodigm has been an authorized Zoho Partner since 2011. Prodigm has completed a large number of projects for a variety of customer requirements in the Insurance, Investment and Association management environment and completed many custom developments, for hundreds of Canadian and US businesses.

Can I replace my Will with ExecutorNotes?

No. You can of course add any of the specific elements of Executor Notes into your Will. A Will is legal if signed by you and witnessed by two people who are not beneficiaries of the Will.

What topics are covered in ExecutorNotes?

You can view the topics available in ExecutorNotes at www.ExecutorNotes.com/Topic-list

How do I find an executor?

You can nominate anyone who you believe will be able to perform the executor duties.

Can the funeral home be one of my ExecutorNotes Contacts?

You can specify anyone as a contact to receive your ExecutorNotes or you can send them your PDF copy directly by email at any time.

You mention some alternate ways that my body can be processed. Where can I find a funeral home for a specific process that is unusual?

The easiest way is to use a google search for your preferred method. For example “Funeral Home Ontario Aquamation” will show you funeral homes in your locale that can offer that option.

I have a photocopy of many documents that my executor will need. Can I attach them to ExecutorNotes?

You may attach any documents that you think will be valuable for your executor or use Zoho Vault to secure any important documents. We believe this is the most secure form of communication; however, some people may have concerns about security and prefer to tell the executor where to find these documents. It is your choice.

How secure is the Zoho Cloud?

The Zoho storage process is exceptionally secure. It is equivalent to the best bank security. You can find out more in this link: https://www.zoho.com/trust.html

Can your Customer Service people view my ExecutorNotes responses? Can they change them for me?

Our customer service people can see your previous ExecutorNotes responses; however, they are not authorized to change them for you. 

What happens if my email changes, can I still access my ExecutorNotes?

If you have completed ExecutorNotes and have received a PDF copy of your responses, you will have a PDF copy in your old email. If your email changes, you can send us an email at Support@executornotes.com, quoting your previous email address. We will contact you and ask you some security questions to resend your PDF copy to your new email and amend your email address on your Account.

Is ExecutorNotes available in other languages?

Not right now, but we have plans for a Canadian French version shortly. 

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express. 

Does ExecutorNotes save automatically after each page?

To save a partially completed form, press Save Draft which is available in the top right corner of each form page, do not just exit!

How many questions are there?

57 Questions

Do you offer any refunds?

There are no refunds, but if you have any issues with ExecutorNotes please contact us at Support@executornotes.com

Get Started Now
  • We have provided you with suggestions of critical documents your executor will need. We hope you will send these documents to your executor or within ExecutorNotes, share where these documents can be found. For example, a desk drawer or safety deposit box. 
  • This survey does not have to be completed within one sitting, you have the option to save your answers and return at a later date.
  • If after a 'Final Save' of ExecutorNotes, you wish to edit a response, change your trusted contacts, or amend your wishes, you may do so by using our update 30% discount coupon: ENRETURNING3 through this purchase link http://www.executornotes.com/
  • Once you are sure you have entered all of the information that fulfills your requirements, you can make a final save of the completed survey questions. You will then receive a PDF copy of your survey immediately. You can print it, save it in a special file, or distribute it by email as you see fit.
  • You can directly specify up to three key people, trusted contacts including your executor, who will automatically receive the PDF copy of your expectations and essential details. 
  • If you ever lose the PDF, do not worry, as we will send you a copy of your PDF every 12 months. This will include links to the attachments that you originally sent. 
  • If you want to upload additional attachments you can add them at this time; however, if you are trying to replace an existing attachment, you will have to include a note to your trusted contacts to inform them that the attachment is an updated version.
  • Your requirements and needs are stored in a highly secure encrypted environment.
  • All questions with an upload field accept any file type that is less than 10mb in size. (Video, audio and pictures all accepted)