Gain Peace of Mind
Get the final details communicated now

You will be surprised at how much information your executors and family will need from you!

Sample Questions from ExecutorNotes 

  1. Who employs you now or used to employ you? 
  2. Who should write and deliver your eulogy?
  3. Please specify any preferred music and / or performers you would like played or performed during your funeral service.
  4. What do you want to be paid for out of your estate?
  5. What is the name and location of your plot or your final resting place?
  6. Have you prepaid for your funeral arrangements?
  7. Would you prefer a burial or cremation?                      

There are actually over fifty multi-choice questions and hundreds of options.

What if I need to change my ExecutorNotes after Final Save?

While updating the form, you can save an incomplete form and return later. You can take weeks or months if needed. We will send you gentle reminders.

After the Final Save and distribution to your designated contacts, you can update the details at any time in the future, and redistribute, with all of your previous choices already pre-filled (at a discounted price).

We will send you a reminder of your ExecutorNotes every six months including the current document PDF in case you have misplaced it.