Book Review: Executor Help by David E. Edey

21.12.21 11:37 AM By alycoy

Executor Help by David E. Edey

Being an executor is an overwhelming and time consuming position to hold. David E Edey's book, Executor Help does what the title suggest. It helps navigate grief, administration, what you need to know, how to handle death in a digital world, how to have the important conversations, what happens when there's a business to deal with, how to pick an executor and the 50 most common executor questions answered. 

Edey begins his book with a personal experience where it took, "seven years, ten court appearances, mediation, $50,000 in lawyer fees, and double bypass heart surgery for [his] nightmare to end." 

He discovered executorship turmoil is a common issue amongst peers, and decided to write a book to outline everything involved and act as a support document for those going through similar issues.

With detailed client stories, explanations, tips, strategies, addressing challenges, concerns, and ways to keep you out of the courtroom, this book is an essential read for anyone who is considering who to be their executor or if they have been appointed executor themselves. 

The book is the perfect balance between heartfelt and practical, gut wrenching and stoic, everything to prepare you to be an executor for a loved one.

You can learn more about David E Edey's book Executor Help on his website

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